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Feel cooler, save money, breathe healthy!

QuietCool is the brand name of America’s #1 whole house fan. QuietCool users across America experience significant savings when they turn their A/C OFF and turn their QuietCool systems ON.

Save 50% to 90% on A/C use! Thats major electric bill savings! 

It’s hard to imagine so many benefits from one product but it’s true! With a 98% customer satisfaction rating and our own rave reviews, you can rest assured – a QuietCool whole house fan will improve your life.

Cool Down Fast

Feel refreshed, cool, and comfortable with clean, outdoor air:

• Instantaneous relief (feel 10 degrees cooler immediately)

• Consistent airflow

• Balances upstairs and downstairs temperatures

Clean the Air

With a QuietCool Whole House Fan, you can exchange all that poor, warm air in your home in just 3-4 minutes.

• The EPA reports that indoor air quality may be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air quality

• Eliminates top causes of indoor air pollution such as VOC gases and toxins from the home by adding “active ventilation”

• Completes air exchange in 3-4 minutes year-round, regardless of outdoor temperature

Cost Savings

In Southern California, AC usage is often reduced from 50-90%.

Quiet Cool whole house fans are our first line of defense when tackling high electric bills. The investment is relatively small and the ROI is so quick – sometimes just 1 year! We have a long history of installing QuietCool fans, let us advise you on the best model and air flow patterns.


• Saves up to 50-90% on your monthly A/C bill

• Lowers the core temperature of your home

• Induces thermal mass cooling

• Reduces A/C runtime

• Extends A/C lifetime

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