Dividend Solar Financing San Diego TemeculaOwn, don’t rent your electricity! After extensive research and a thorough vetting process we are excited to offer homeowners one of the most affordable, solid, and benefit-packed loans available today!

All the perks of a lease in a $0 down loan!

It’s literally the best of both worlds

  • $0 Down Loan
  • Great for homeowners with little equity!
  • Save on Bills from Day 1
  • Keep your 30% Federal Tax Rebate
  • No Pre-payment Penalties
  • No Lien on Your Home
  • Full Service, Real-Time Monitoring
  • Performance Guarantee
  • System Warranty
  • Installer Quality Assurance

Dividend Solar Loan vs. Lease/PPA Comparison

Dividend Loan Lease / PPA
$0 Down Option
Savings from Day 1
Simple Application Process
System Performance Guarantee
System Warranty
Real-Time Performance Monitoring
No Annual Inflation Escalators
Easy Process When Selling Your Home
Home Value Appreciation
No Prepayment Fees
Receive Federal / State Tax Credits
Tax Incentive Form Preparation
Build Equity in Your System
Maximize Financial Benefits