QuietCool – The Best Whole House Fan on the Market

Save 50 to 90% on your A/C costs

Cool a warm house immediately

Breathing clean air improves health

Eliminate odors and pet dander

Reduce airborne allergens

Reduce smoke, harmful fumes, VOCs

Trident Pro Whole House Fan

QuietCool users across America have experienced significant savings when they turn their A/C off and their QuietCool on.

  • The QuietCool Revolution is being led by people like yourself who are tired of spending all of their hard-earned money on their electric bills.

  • QuietCool whole house fans allow homeowners to turn their most expensive appliance off and improve the comfortability of their home for just pennies an hour.

  • QuietCool whole house fans are a ventilation system that is whisper quiet compared to old, traditional whole house fans.

  • The QuietCool whole house fan will replace all of the hot air, eliminate pet dander, and exhaust all of the pollutants that are built up in the home within a matter of minutes.

  • With over 98% customer satisfaction, QuietCool is helping to improve the lives of many across America and we can’t wait to help you!

Watch and learn exactly how a QuietCool fan can bring you a speedy return on your investment:

Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Saves Money

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