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SCE Tiered PricingCurley’s Home Services is a licensed general contractor specializing in energy efficient home upgrades. All of our energy upgradeĀ services add value and functionality to your home. Our energy saving services are designed to reduce your energy bills. Remember electricity is billed in tiers so the longer you can stay in tier one, you bill will be reduced exponentially!


Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Return on Investment ROI
Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Authorized Dealer San Diego CountyQuiet Cool Whole House Fans: We are an authorized Quiet Cool Whole House Fan dealer and have years of experience with whole house fan installation. If the main reason for your high electric bills is frequent air conditioner use in the hot summers, a Quiet Cool Whole House Fan, when used properly, can reduce your air conditioning usage by 90%!
Variable Speed Pool Pump ROIPentair Variable Speed Pool Pump ROIVariable Speed Pool Pump: If you own a pool, the power used to pump the water can often compete with your AC as the biggest consumer of electricity and therefore a source of high electric bills. A variable speed pool pump can reduce the power you use to circulate the pool water up to 75%! Your pool equipment actually works better when water is flowing at a slower speed and algae is less likely to occur.
New Air Conditioner Installation Payback
Air Conditioner ReplacementCentral Air Conditioner & Heater/Furnace Replacement: Replacing an old air conditioner or heater/furnace with a new high efficiency model can cut your monthly energy bills in both summer and winter. The payback period varies but also consider that modern models can have a very long lifespan; from 15 to 20 years. If your electricity bills are high, make sure to determine if your air conditioner, especially, needs to be replaced!
Solar Panels in San Diego County Temecula solar-on-houseResidential Solar Electric Systems: You can reduce or eliminate your electric bill by installing a properly sized solar system on your home. Solar is an investment if you are paying cash, however, after the payback period, your solar-produced electricity is free! Even a financed system can start paying back immediately with lower energy payments.
Additional Energy Efficient Services:
– Aluminum Patio Covers
– Window Replacement
– Energy Efficient Roof Replacement

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