Energy Saving House Air Conditioner Solar PanelsWe are now in the age of home energy renovations and upgrades. Often, homeowners will invest or finance not one but several residential energy upgrades. It is more cost effective to combine upgrades such as solar and patio cover or add a QuietCool whole house fan combined with a solar system and upgraded pool pump.

Remodeling your home? Think about whole house energy improvements to save money on each service and complete several projects at once to minimize inconvenience.

High energy bills? It may not be due to just one cause. You probably have several culprits. The good news is that we can identify the the worst offenders and help you realize the quickest return on your investment with targeted energy saving upgrades.

Curley’s Home Services is your one-stop-shop for home energy solutions. For each additional service you choose, you will receive a discount on ALL your services!

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