Curley’s Home Services offers high quality Replacement Windows from all major brands at very competitive pricing.

window-2New residential windows are a win-win! The transformation to your home curb appeal is dramatic and can save you up to 15% on your energy bill. With skyrocketing energy rates, it’s wise to invest in energy upgrades that contribute to overall energy savings. In addition to cutting energy costs and giving your home a much-needed update, installing insulated windows can also reduce noise.

You will enjoy the look and comfort of your new windows and can realize over over 70% return on your investment. And, when you bundle energy saving projects with Curley’s Home Services you will be saving even more so expect your ROI numbers to increase!

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Click to see more benefits

Benefits of a Home Window Retrofit:

Energy Savings: High-performance windows not only provide reduced annual heating and cooling bills, they also reduce the peak heating and cooling loads.

Improved Comfort: Cold glass can create uncomfortable drafts as air next to the window is cooled and drops to the floor. Also, strong direct sunlight through window onto people and interior surfaces can cause overheating and discomfort.

Reduced Condensation: High-performance windows create warmer interior glass surfaces, reducing frost and condensation.

Increase Resale Value: Many home buyers will shy away from homes with older windows. Updating your windows is in investment in a future sale.

Reduced Fading: Materials such as carpet, fabrics, paper, artwork, paints, and wood may fade upon exposure to sunlight. New, energy efficient windows can influence the type and intensity of transmitted radiation.

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