California Upholds Net-Metering

Net-Metering 2.0 California Upholds Net-Metering

California Upholds Net-Metering

Great news for existing and potential solar customers! You may have heard the scare for the past year about “Net-Metering 2.0”. Many people, us included, feared that the utilities would make owning solar more difficult by changing the net-metering laws.

Currently, whatever excess energy is produced by your home solar panels is sent back on the grid and you are compensated for it at the same rate that you use it from the grid.  As you can imagine the utilities would like to eliminate that policy and nearly did:

“After two years of rancorous debate, California’s Public Utilities Commission upheld net metering by a vote of 3-to-2, allowing homeowners with solar panels to keep selling the excess power they generate back to their utility at the full retail rate.”  ~ source: Reuters, read more here.

New solar customers will see a slight increase in the cost of going solar, so we have not escaped Net-Metering 2.0 entirely:

“Solar customers will have to pay a new fee of between $75 and $150 to connect a system to the grid, and will be required to move to time-based utility rates, paying more for power during peak hours. They will also be required to pay monthly fees of about $6 for certain utility programs.” ~ source: Reuters, read more here.

Overall, the state’s utility commission has sided with solar customers not the big utilities.

Many potential customers find going solar is a bit like buying a used car; navigating slick salesmen and over-inflated claims of savings. Please contact Charles Curley for an honest no-pressure assessment of your current energy bills, proposed solar system, and most importantly, your projected return on investment.

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