Residential Title 24 for Homeowners

Title 24 Residential Homeowner

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If you live in California and are planning on a home remodel, renovation, room addition, or even certain appliance changes, you should be aware of energy compliance regulations for the current year. Alterations that may trigger Title 24 compliance include any changes that impact the energy performance of the home such as room additions, remodels and equipment upgrades.

Believe it or not, this set of regulations was introduced in 1978 as part of a mandate to reduce California’s energy consumption. It applies to new building as well as changes to the existing building. You can read more about the 2016 Standards at the California Energy Commission website.

The official documentation is convoluted but the actual regulations are really quite reasonable such as attic insulation R-factors and window U-factors which are mandatory in new products on the market today.  In most cases, if your renovation requires a building permit, a compliance report should be submitted with the building permit. The best method to ensure a home improvement project meets Title 24 standards is to work with an energy improvement contractor who is familiar with building permit documentation and Title 24 compliance.

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