Combine Energy Upgrades: The Snowball Effect

“Why is my electric bill so high?” As most of you know, energy is currently billed in tiers. You start off each month in a low tier where each unit of energy is cheap. If you could stay in this low tier all month, energy bills would be pretty easy to manage. As you consume energy you move into the higher tiers where each unit costs more, sometimes twice as much! The quicker your energy use pushes you into the high tiers, your charges will “snowball” into a crazy-high electric bill.

You can undo that snowball and push it back to multiply your savings! Start by addressing the worst offenders.

Biggest Energy Hogs:

In Southern California, we are all about air-conditioning and swimming pools! The energy used by an air-conditioner usually contributes the most to a high energy bill followed by the pool pump.

  1. Make sure your AC is not an ancient energy hog. New energy-efficient ACs use much less energy, keep the house a more consistent temperature and have a longer lifespan.
  2. Use less AC with a whole house fan. If using the AC is the biggest energy bill offender in the first place, you could use it up to 90% less with a whole house fan which is far more efficient than an AC since it uses morning and evening outside air to cool the house, walls, furniture, attic and people!
  3. Keep that cool/warm air inside by upgrading your attic insulation. There is no point putting in the time, money and effort to cool your house if cool air is leaking out. Upgrading attic insulation can be one of the wisest investments for a homeowner since it lowers utility bills and increases the value of your home. Don’t forget about radiant barriers in hot climates. They keep the heat from the roof out of the attic.
  4. A new variable speed swimming pool pump can make a world of difference to high summer electric bills. In order to keep your pool clean, the water has to move most of the time. A new pool pump can reduce the energy used to circulate the water by 75%. It’s a must-have for a pool owner with high energy bills!
  5. The icing on the cake: Solar! (but less of it) You can stop with energy efficient updates and move forward with lower electric bills, maybe saving over $1000 per year. Or, you can go one step further and have zero electric bill. Solar can be a big investment but if you combine solar with less expensive energy saving upgrades, the solar needed to offset your bill should be significantly less.
Combine Home Energy Upgrades

Shrink Your High Electric Bills or Eliminate Them Altogether!

Finding the Sweet Spot: Obviously, you want to spend the least amount of money on your energy upgrades and achieve a fast ROI that will lead to very significant savings over time. The cherry on top the icing on the cake: When you combine services with Curley’s Home Services, you’ll get a discount on each service! You may only need some of the improvements suggested or different upgrades entirely to realize the most long-term savings. Charles Curley Sr. has many years’ experience working with homeowners to find the savings sweet spot. Call him today to chat and set up a time to go over your potential savings.

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