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Combine Energy Upgrades: The Snowball Effect

“Why is my electric bill so high?” As most of you know, energy is currently billed in tiers. You start off each month in a low tier where each unit of energy is cheap. If you could stay in this low tier all month, energy bills would be pretty easy

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Residential Title 24 for Homeowners

If you live in California and are planning on a home remodel, renovation, room addition, or even certain appliance changes, you should be aware of energy compliance regulations for the current year. Alterations that may trigger Title 24 compliance include any changes that impact the energy performance of the home such

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QuietCool Whole House Fan: Savings Case Study

If you are a typical Southern California homeowner looking for the fastest way to stop sending hundreds of dollars to SDG&E or SCE, consider a QuietCool fan. A QuietCool whole house fan offers a quick return on investment (ROI) and is financially within reach of most homeowners. For an initial cost of $1000

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California Upholds Net-Metering

Great news for existing and potential solar customers! You may have heard the scare for the past year about “Net-Metering 2.0”. Many people, us included, feared that the utilities would make owning solar more difficult by changing the net-metering laws. Currently, whatever excess energy is produced by your home solar panels

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